Customised design for intelligent guided robot

The requirement

Flexible feeder.
A system to load sintered steel parts with high-precision for subsequent calibration operations was required. The specific requirement was for all parts entering the system to be loaded without any recirculation. This was because the parts are for transmission systems, where considerable care must be taken with the surface finish.

The solution

The system starts with bulk loading and distancing the parts on an orientation belt, operating irrespective of the shape of the part being handled. On the orientation belt a robot guided by a vision system is able to turn the parts over so they are all in the correct position for collection. A second robot can collect them from the correct side, orientate them exactly with a second, high-precision vision system, and load them accurately. The system enables a production change by simply clicking the symbol for the required part on the touchscreen, without having to change any mechanical settings.
Installed in Germany.

Design type

Automated solution


Flexible feeder

Place of installation