Selection & inspection system for turned mechanical parts

The requirement

Optical inspection.
A system able to perform multiple measurements on turned mechanical parts of varying shapes was required. The precise measurement of the diameter of an axial hole was also required. The system must select the measured parts automatically, separating rejects from those within tolerance thresholds.

The solution

A vibrating feeder, which can be customised in a few seconds, feeds the orientated parts which are then collected and loaded onto a rotating table. Two stations on the table have a pair of cameras/followspot that are both telecentric. All measurements concerning the external profile of the parts can be taken via the cameras.
A third station manages a micrometer for internal parts, enabling the entire length of the calibrated hole to be scanned.
A software program on the touchscreen PC enables the type of measurement and tolerance thresholds to be programmed.
Installed in Italy.

Design type

Computer vision


Optical inspection

Place of installation