Automated loading system for sintered parts

The requirement

Handling sintered ceramics.
The ordered loading into cases of very fragile parts in compressed ceramic powder was required. The continuous throughput of 120 parts a minute has to be managed without stopping to change cases or perform another task. The deposit of a light layer of anti-adhesive sand between layers was required.

The solution

A SCARA robot selects a row of parts via a special gripper with micro-suction pads made for this purpose. A laser measuring system ensures perfect alignment for gripping such that the micro-suction pads are positioned correctly with respect to the parts. A series of pneumatic movements simultaneously loads and unloads the cases on both workstations, which operate in turn, ensuring the continuous throughput of parts. The dispensing system for the anti-adhesive sand, which is very hard and abrasive on mechanisms, was developed specially for the application.
Installed in Germany.

Design type

Automated solution


Handling sintered ceramics

Place of installation