Robotic decoration of masks, vases, confectionery

The requirement

Automated decoration.
A system to reproduce the decorative features added by an artist on surfaces in 3D is required. The learning of the movements must be carried manually with an artist, instinctively and without writing any program. The system must be replicable such that several robots can make the same product on the basis of one learning session.

The solution

A robotic arm combined with a dispenser specially made for the components being handled makes it possible to fully automate the decoration process, including loading/unloading operations.
The route, speed at every point and direction of the feeder to achieve the artistic features required is learned by accurately logging the manual movements of the artist during the learning session. Once the route has been learned it can be changed, even partially, to achieve the desired effect. The same program can be uploaded to several workstations, without requiring any adjustments.
The case illustrated represents a system for decorating carnival masks, but the same system could decorate different types of objects, and using different supply material.
Installed in Italy.

Design type

Automated solution


Automated decoration

Place of installation