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Our customised designs

Solutions for all types of customer

ADAT can provide solutions for a range of issues that transpire not only in the field of industrial automation, but also in the field of research and laboratory processes.
The designs created for customers have defined our approach to these issues over time, resulting in an assortment of possible solutions that differ considerably from each other.
A consistent, methodological approach that aims to deliver a definitive response therefore enables us to have a customer portfolio which is hugely diverse in terms of type and size.

Automated Loading for Laser Operation

Automated Loading

Automated Decoration

Intelligent Guided Robot

Engine Block Guided Robot

Guided robot

Colour Chart Assembly

Automated Loading

Crack Inspection

Selection and Inspection System

Optical Inspection for Connectors

Optical Inspection for Electronic Boards

Optical Inspection for Pad Printing

Inspection of Caps

Pipe Inspection

Handling Parts/Cases