Computer vision

Computer vision systems in the field of electronic design & industrial automation

Approach to the problem

Integration of vision systems thanks to experience spanning ten years

The integration of vision systems represents the natural outcome of ten years of experience ADAT has gained in electronic design, and over twenty years of operating in the field of industrial automation.

This ensures an overall approach to vision issues, which sets us apart from anyone coming from a university or software-oriented environment. We are of the firm belief that questions concerning physics, engineering and the global management of the production process have to be tackled to control issues relating to industrial systems, only moving onto specific issues regarding high-level understanding at a later stage.

As a result, we can offer customers solutions that fully meet their requirements, even in cases where, given a request to implement a computer vision system, this technology does not prove to be a suitable solution for the specific issue, or other more efficient technologies exist.

ADAT continually works to optimise solutions by enhancing its own knowledge


Feasibility tests using cutting-edge techniques

Obviously computer vision solutions have to be tested in a laboratory equipped with optics and lighting systems of any kind. ADAT has gradually acquired this equipment, either by purchasing it or developing it internally, and can perform feasibility tests using the latest lighting techniques.