Automated solutions

Development of customised systems & applications for any sector

Systematic innovation for our customised automation solutions

In the space of twenty years ADAT has created dozens of systems in a wide range of sectors, such as industry, agriculture and medicine. Research is based on continually investigating dynamics relating to the various technologies available on the market.
Extensive experience, organisational versatility and the team’s flexible attitude make it possible to capitalise on known solutions in a particular industry, to develop applications that resolve issues in different environments. In practice ADAT’s operations are in line with the principles of systematic innovation.


Use of robotic

Activity is based on using robotic systems instead of systems developed from scratch with specific engineering, managing axis control from a PC or PLC, using the most diverse types of sensors, and enabling all of this to communicate with the database to capture process data rather than to communicate results.

Putting your trust in ADAT means having a number of certainties:


Construction choices will aim solely at achieving the customer’s ultimate objective, given the absence of constraints due to knowledge limitations or business ties.


Being able to manage all system aspects in-house (engineering, control electronics, software, safety) means customers are guaranteed rapid response times in defining designs, resolving unexpected issues, and subsequently receiving technical support.


An overview and the possibility of thoroughly assessing all aspects of the production cycle, can open up enormous cost optimisation potential. Indeed it has often transpired that analysis which goes beyond what is strictly necessary to fulfil a supply scope, has led to optimisations that offset the costs of the supply itself.


A close network of technological partners and suppliers who we have been working with for at least ten years, enabling us to tackle specific issues through knowledge sharing, to deliver the best outcome.