We are the idea that changes reality

ADAT has been partnering industry since 1987, whenever a customised automation system is required.

We implement all project phases in-house, commencing with problem analysis alongside the customer, through to delivering the system as a turnkey solution.

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Automated solutions

Activity is based on using robotic systems instead of systems developed from scratch with specific engineering, managing axis control from a PC or PLC, using the most diverse types of sensors, and enabling all of this to communicate with the database to capture process data rather than to communicate results.

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Computer vision

An overall approach to problems is necessary for anyone coming from a university or software-oriented environment. We are of the firm belief that questions concerning physics, engineering and the global management of the production process have to be tackled to control issues relating to industrial systems, only moving onto specific issues regarding high-level understanding at a later stage.

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“Sometimes using a method instead of a computer is innovation.”

Being innovative means finding a new solution that is potentially simpler, more efficient and more reliable, without necessarily being sophisticated and overly technical, even though sometimes certain results can only be achieved with sophistication.

Claudio Ongaro

Our Method – TRIZ

A significant amount of time is nearly always spent correcting initial assessment errors, rather than focusing on truly effective solutions that have been comprehensively evaluated and obtained by applying efficient methods.

Improved performance

High-level innovation

Adoption in any field


Automated Loading for Laser Operation

Automated Loading

Automated Decoration

“Being unique means assiduously striving for the best solution, not just settling for what we already know or have on the shelf.”

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